Glorious Garlic!

Ahh, garlic. A “superfood” of it’s own. The world over it has been used both raw and cooked (both the cloves and whole heads) as a part of meals, as a flavouring, as a botanical medicinal extract, as a nutritional supplement, the list goes on…, and that’s just for consumption! There are many other uses for garlic in eclectic, traditional and naturopathic practices! And why not? A member of the Allium family (along with onions, shallots and leeks), whole books have been written about it due to its multiple therapeutic (not to mention palatable) benefits. A couple of examples of its effects in our bodies include: Cardiovascular: garlic can to help improve blood pressure (by dilating blood vess

Probiotics: Our Microscopic Allies in Health!

What comes to mind when you think of your digestive system? Do microbacteria fit somewhere into that picture? Your thoughts probably went somewhere along the lines of: mouth, then a long tube, divided into compartments (stomach, small and small intestines, etc), alternately filled & emptied of food in various stages of digestion. Had you given a moment to consider what’s actually living inside that complex digestive structure? Yes living! I’m talking about the microscopic organisms so critical to our health, immunity, and proper digestive function: the natural microflora called “Probiotics”! What exactly ARE Probiotics? The word Probiotic is actually derived from the Greek word pro, meaning

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