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So we're about halfway through the year, meaning half of a year since those 2014 New Years resolutions were made. Are they are still fresh in everyones minds? still receiving their much deserved attention? If you’re like a good percentage of people in our culture, one of those resolutions might be to loose weight or just eat a healthier diet in general. Granted, this might be something you strive for every day, but that makes it no less important! Maybe you’re following a plan at this point: you have good ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, lots of water, and complete avoidance of all sweets, junk food and between-meal snacks… but here is where I suggest you rethink that last point. Snack

Spinach-Berry Spinach Salad with Fresh Berry Dressing

It’s summer and the fresh fruit and vegetables are now ripe, ready and begging to be devoured! This is one of my very favorite summer salads, therefore one I had to share. Not only is it easy, the ingredients are easy to come by this time of year (salad: farmers market, dressing: pantry) and it's gluten free! Plus it takes no time at all – just toss, serve and done. No measuring (unless you want to), no preparation time – perfect for that summer potluck or just for a fresh delicious side dish. It’s beautiful on the table, and those bright berries just begging to be eaten, and they pair so well with the spinach that it makes a great way to get your kids (and your family) to love their greens

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