Food Allergy? Intolerance? What’s the difference?

Talk of food allergies, intolerances & sensitivities is around us everywhere, but unless you've been diagnosed, it can be hard to know the difference. What symptoms are telling you that it's an allergy or not? And if the symptoms are just vague and unpredictable - is there really a problem at all? Should you have to live with this discomfort whenever you eat? Absolutely not! Food allergies and intolerances present themselves in such indistinct and variable ways, and are generally slightly different for each person. Symptoms may range from mild to severe in a given individual, depending on whether and if so which part of the immune system is activated and how long it takes for the reaction to

Antioxidants and Free Radicals: What exactly are they and how do they impact your health?

Antioxidants. I recommend them for many of my patients, and the word is all abuzz in health-media, but what does it really mean? What are these all-powerful Antioxidants that people are supposed to gain so much benefit from? Why do you need them, what do they do, and where can you get them from? In order to understand Antioxidants, you first have to know what Free Radicals are. Free radicals are reactive elements that remove electrons from compounds they come in contact with. They are formed in our bodies in a number of ways: Through the normal energy producing metabolic pathways that occur in our bodies every day From physical stress (good and bad) and trauma Via exposure to environmental t

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