Simplifying the supplement aisle!

We’ve all been there. Staring at the shelf full of supplements, some pretty, some bright & shiny, all confusing. And while it might seem helpful to have staff on hand to explain what they know of the differences (though it’s hit and miss whether the employees know anything about them), it can still be overwhelming. How ‘bout a little help? First of all, abandon the concept of finding the “One pill with everything” or a "Miracle in a bottle". It doesn’t exist. And if there is such a product on the shelf claiming to contain every vitamin and mineral that you might need, have a good look at how much of each component is in there (not to mention how big the capsule is!). If a product hosts a lau

The ABCs of PMS

“What do you mean there are different types of PMS? Isn’t it enough to have one kind??” Everyone has heard of Premenstrual Syndrome, which is properly defined as a "Recurrent, cyclical set of physical and emotional symptoms that normally occur 7-14 days prior to the onset of a woman’s menses". PMS usually affects women between the ages of 25-35, but is not uncommon in women outside this age bracket. However strange it may seem, did you there are in fact four different and distinct types of PMS, and that over 80% of women experience symptoms of at least one of them regularly? The categories include: PMS A – ANXIETY – Nervous tension is a hallmark of this type of PMS, and the main symptoms in

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