Holiday Winter Squash with Cranberry-Nut Stuffing

So... you're at the market looking for something with which to prepare a special meal and find yourself surrounded by squash. Winter squash, acorn squash, butternut -the list of varieties is long! The vegetables come in all shapes, colours and sizes and have comparable health benefits - it's up to you to pick your favorite and then decide what to do with it. Fear not, you can't go wrong by opting to prepare any variety of squash; they're all delicious, their flesh imparting a mildly sweet, often nutty flavour and smooth texture to any dish. They're delicious and very healthy, being very low in fat and calories, loaded with carotenes, B vitamins and folate, dietary fiber as well as zinc and p

Escaping Holiday Stress

We’re now well into the holiday season! Decorating, baking, cooking, shopping, attending parties, emails, phone calls, planning flights, working… Time to ask yourself – how am I feeling about this? Is the answer: “Stressed”? For the majority of people, the holidays are hardly a relaxing time. There’s just so much to do that we typically come to the end of them needing a vacation! Is this what holidays are supposed to be like? Not in my opinion, and probably not in yours either! For me, the holiday season is meant to be a time spent visiting with family, gathering with friends, and celebrating the joy of the season. There are many signs of elevated stress that you may recognize in yourself or

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