Detoxification: is it necessary? just a trend? Here's the real scoop:

We hear the terms "detox" and "chemical toxicity" thrown around a lot these days, and the harmful effects of environmental pollutants are becoming common knowledge - but what does that really mean to the average person. Are there really that many chemicals being used? How much is known about them? How might they effect us now and in the future? It really is shocking. In Canada and the US, more than 80,000 commercial and industrial chemicals are produced/used daily, and hundreds more are added to this pool weekly! What’s worse, there is relatively little known about what the exact effects of the majority of these substances are, not to mention how those effects may accumulate/change when mult

Skin Deep - Beauty from Within

It is said that beauty is only skin deep, and I totally agree. It is our thoughts, actions and emotions that describe who we really are, and these are also the qualities by which we should be judged. Not our appearances! That is not to say that beauty and physical appearance aren’t important though. What your skin's texture, tone and overall complexion do is tell others a lot about your general state of health! Like it or not, your skin tells all of your secrets: what you eat, how you sleep, if you’re under stress… Following are some of the key impacts on your skin’s health and appearance, as well as some tips for improving it! Diet The number one thing you can do to improve overall skin hea

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