Gluten-Free Spice Cookies with Chocolate

Looking for something to do with your kids on the weekend? Baking healthy snacks together is a great way to get them interested in being in the kitchen & cooking, introduce them to healthy baking and just spend quality time together! Here’s a great recipe to try. These cookies are gluten free (though no one will know if you don’t tell them!), full of aromatic spices, fun and easy to make… not to mention just plain delicious! Ingredients ½ Cup Organic Butter 1 Cup Coconut Sugar (Packed Brown Sugar will work if you prefer) 1 large Egg or egg replacement 4 tbsp Fancy Molasses 2 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract 2 Cups Quinoa Flour (you can combine with regular flour if desired) 1 tsp each of Baking Soda

Acute and Chronic Pain… Causes and Natural Treatment options

It is among the strongest motivational forces in our culture – and for those who’ve experienced it, that may be an understatement. Pain, both acute and chronic, can stop you in your tracks, prevent you from doing the things you need or want to do every day. And sometimes it seems that no matter what one tries, different postures, medications, etc… it just doesn’t seem to go away, rather remaining at a constant level or increasing and decreasing continuously. There are so many questions about pain: “What is it really?” “Why is it there?” and “What can be done about it?” Overview of Pain Pain defined: Pain is an unpleasant sensory or emotional experience experienced with actual or anticipated

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