SIBO? IBS? Whaaaat???

SIBO: Not just an anagram of IBS Gas, Bloating, Abdominal Distention and Discomfort... It seems almost everyone is plagued by digestive complaints lately, and it actually seems to be getting worse, not better. MDs and Gastroenterologists (digestive specialists) are quick to diagnose IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), but tend to have little else to recommend. Health food stores will often recommend a probiotic, “dr Google” suggests x, y and z diet, and while these suggestions may help some people, many others achieve little relief and sometimes even worsening of their symptoms. So… what else might be the problem…? Enter the “New kid on the Block”: Small intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. Also kno

Mistletoe Therapy - Powerful Cancer Medicine

No - it's not simply a cute addition to a Holiday party meant to entice chapping of lips. This powerful herb is actually a champion in the battle against Cancer! And though to the majority of North Americans it is new and exciting, Mistletoe, also known by its latin name as Viscum album, has actually been a key remedy in Europe for nearing on a century! What Exactly is Mistletoe Extract? Mistletoe extract is a completely natural, safe and extremely effective remedy used alongside both natural and conventional treatments for a variety of types of cancer. This extract is known to help increase cancer survival, improve quality of life, improve mood and energy, among many other effects which are

FYI: Year-End = Health Plan coverage expires!

Year-end is fast approaching – which means so is the New Year. So many things come to a close on December 31, to be replaced and restarted for January 1. One that many people don’t think of is their Extended Health Plans. You’re not alone if you didn’t realize your Alternative Health Coverage doesn’t carry over into the new calendar year (no matter when it started!), meaning that if you have unused funding available/remaining at the end of the December, that money and care you could be receiving at no charge to you will be wasted! In terms of amount of coverage, every plan is different, so it’s important to read the fine print in yours (or call your provider). Some plans cover a specified am

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