Holiday Cranberry-Orange Quinoa Salad

What’s this tiny golden grain you may ask? It’s called Quinoa – a wonderful nutrient-loaded, protein laden, gluten free little grain that’s gaining well-deserved popularity. It’s easy to cook, exceptionally healthy and has a mild nutty flavour (though it is completely unrelated to a tree or ground nuts!), making really very tasty! Quinoa comes in many different colours, ranging from the more common red and golden through to black and pink! Why not include it in your Holiday feasting? It’s so versatile that you can use it in many dishes so you can be sure it’ll be a hit to children and adults alike! Whether you’re already enjoying it or you haven’t yet tried this tasty grain, here is a colour

Homemade, Healthy Gluten Free Snack Bars (oh my!!)

Check out your local grocery, health food, cafe, etc... "Bars" are everywhere - usually advertising how "High in Protein", "Low in Carbs", "Full of Fiber", etc.. they are. Unfortunately, regardless of their claims, most of the options are actually not much more than glorified candy bars loaded full of chemicals, sugar, artificial ingredients, etc. Additionally, they tend to be expensive! How about a recipe for a Homemade treat full of Healthy Ingredients, NO chemicals or preservatives and yes, also high in Protein and Fiber and devoid of common allergens. I'll bet that most of the ingredients are already in your pantry (and if not - great incentive to stock up!!) Another bonus: given that th

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