Integrative Oncology
Supportive Care Cancer: During, After and Before diagnosis

     Integrative Cancer Care means supportive Naturopathic care for those diagnosed with cancer, their friends and their family.  It can also include prevention of a cancer diagnosis or of cancer reoccurence for those at risk. 

    When working with a patient diagnosed with cancer, I utilize proven therapies to enhanse quality of life, improve treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) outcomes/effectivenes and enhanse survival. Every patient is singularly unique, just as each cancer diagnosis different and therefore therapies are tailored to the specific individual and their disease. And since cancer is an ever evolving and changing entity, treatment plans and therapeutic methods may often change during the course of treatment. A key feature of Naturopathic Integrative Oncology is that there is no "One Size fits All". Each patient and each cancer diagnosis is unique, and so must their medicine be.

     Working Integratively means that I work with whichever treatment plan you've decided on, whether that be Surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy or Natural treatment, alongside your Oncologist, Surgeon and/or MD. Together we ensure that the best and most possible is done according to your needs an wishes.

Depending on your stage of treatment, Naturopathic therapies have been shown to be able to:

  • Improve effectiveness of Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery

  • Decrease side effects and risks associated with Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery

  • Improve overall Quality of Life

  • Manage pain, anxiety, depression.
  • Improve nutritional status

Some of the therapy options that are used commonly in the treatment of cancer may include:

  • Nutritional/Dietary Counseling

    • When it comes to cancer, or any illness for that matter, nutrition plays a pivotal role in how you feel, how well you're able to tolerate medications. Certain dietary protocols and nutritional approaches have been proven to benefit patients and also to slow progression of disease. Additionally, nutrition is a highly personal matter and each person, culture and illness will have areas of importance that need to be addressed. I work with you and your family to individualize nutritional recomendations, whether the focus be optomizing energy, improving digestion and absorption, slowing disease progression, etc.


  • Supplementation and Herbal formulations

    • ​Many formulas and nutrients have been proven to help reduce pain and swelling from surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, modulate side effects, and also to have a significant implact on quality of life and long term survival. Studies on cancer patients who took neutriceuticals had dramatically better outcomes than patients who received standard therapy alone.

  • IV Therapies


  • Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Healing methods

    • Acupuncture is an ancient treatment modality, and has been proven in numerous studies to help ​especially with maagement of side effects that may result from cancer management/diagnosis. Areas where it excells include stress management, balancing mood, increasing energy, improving sleep, and many more. An ideal path for caregivers as well who often suffer great anxiety, stress and sleep disturbance.


  • Lifestyle Counseling


  • Caregiver Care and Counseling, Grief Support

     If you or your loved one has received a diagnosis of cancer, are in recovery and looking to prevent reccurence or seek assistance in preventing the development of cancer, I encourage you to seek out an Naturopathic Physician experienced in Integrative Oncology such as myself.

    If you have questions or would like to book an appointment, please visit my contact page 

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