Change - The 6 Steps

For one reason or another, change is a very frightening thing for many people. The reasons are varied, but no matter what they are, motivations frequently stem from patterns learned in childhood.

Regardless, sometimes there are just things that need to be modified in one’s life; be it eating patterns, procrastination, exercise habits, an addiction (for example smoking), etc…

Having a plan, or a set of steps to guide your personal 'Change' can help. Listed below is such a schedule that can be adapted to suit whatever you’re striving to transform in your life!

1) First, DECIDE what do you really want

  • And what is it that’s stopping you from having it?

  • Stop associating pain/discomfort with what you really want! It’s only fear and anticipation of displeasure that’s keeping you back!

2) Second, link PLEASURE to what you want

  • This will give you an enormous amount of leverage!

  • Get really excited about the change you want to have (we make not changing “okay”).

  • Hint: If you’re comfortable with this idea, it often helps if others get excited with & for you. Tell a friend/partner who will be supportive!

  • Remember that change doesn’t have to take months or years.

  • Make it urgent to change. Make it a must.

  • This is your life! Make it NOW!

  • Leverage is 80% why we need to change and 20% doing it.

3) Next, interrupt your old pattern

  • Just for the moment to allow the change to take place

  • How did that feel? Not so bad right?

4) Then, using that impetus, create imagine of how that brief moment of pleasure could expand and carry on into the future

  • Visualize the powerful state you will experience when you actually live that new pattern rather than the old, destructive one!

5) Using your new-found motivation, condition your new pattern

  • Commit to doing it for a week. Then for another week.

  • Focus on this…One week at a time.

  • Your focus will become your condition. It will become the dominant pattern of your life.

  • Focus you mind on the new pattern until it’s automatic

6) Finally, make the change: 1) EMOTIONAL & 2) BEHAVIOURAL

  • Ask yourself:

  • "Does it support my values"?

  • Feel the new change emotionally:

  • How does it feel? Is this you? Is this a happy you?

  • Make it enjoyable.

  • Live with Passion.

Good Luck!

Dr Katarine Holewa, ND

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