It’s one of the most common reasons that people seek medical attention, whether that’s from a Medical or Naturopathic Physician, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist or other practitioner. Pain relief medications are one of the most commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals. It’s a key motivation for the practice of yoga, Pilates, stretching techniques and related modes of physical exercise. Unfortunately it’s also a big reason than many more don’t exercise or stretch. Combinations of sick days from work, inability to enjoy activities, sleep deprivation and depression typically ensue, making life miserable for those suffering as well as their friends, loved ones and colleagues.

While there are literally hundreds of medications and supplements that are prescribed daily for pain management (including those to help with sleep deprivation from pain), obviously the majority of people just aren’t finding relief. An estimated 6 million (that’s about 1 in 5!) Canadians deal with pain, placing direct health care costs at more that $6 Billion per year and productivity costs (from job loss and sick days) at over $36 Billion per year*. Pain is poorly managed, and not because health care providers aren’t trying – they are – but for many patients, what’s being done just isn’t solving the problem.

It’s time for a different approach.

It’s time for BIOPUNCTURE!


What is Biopuncture?

  • Biopuncture is a therapy where biological products, typically of herbal and/or homeopathics origin, are injected into the skin or muscles. The formulations may include products such as Arnica, Echinacea, Nux vomica, Bryonia, Chamomilla, etc. These products are specifically selected for their use in treating pain, stimulating lymphatic drainage, improving organ function and aiding detoxification. Biopuncture is used in both Acute and Chronic pain situations.

  • The substances are extremely safe as they are in ultra low-dose concentrations, which not only increase the effectiveness but also decrease the potential for any toxic side effects. By using such low doses, the body’s natural healing (natural cellular defense) mechanisms are stimulated, therefore effecting not only immediate pain relief but supporting continued healing my ones own body. Once the treatment has begun and taken hold, the effects on a patients defense mechanisms can last for weeks to months to years. All because instead of bandade-ing a problem (the reason why most pharmaceuticals fail to elicit proper pain-relief), it is aimed at restarting the body’s innate healing abilities.

How quickly does Biopuncture work?

  • Pain relief is different for all patients due to the individuation of each person’s own body, level of pain, general health, the area of the body being treated, how long pain has been an issue, as well as other confounding concerns that may be playing a role in the problem.

  • In many/most cases, patients may leave the office feeling much better than when they walked in – right after the first treatment!

  • In some people, pain will gradually return until the next treatment, after which it will take longer to return, etc., until finally it ceases to return.

  • In others, there may be a temporary mild worsening of pain the next day, then improvement, which, like above, will fade gradually until the next treatment, then finally be eliminated.

  • In some rare cases, patients will find themselves feeling so much better after only 1-2 treatments that they don’t return for additional treatments for another month.

Does Biopuncture work for both Chronic and Acute pain/Trauma?

  • Absolutely! Pain relief duration and treatment requirements will differ for Acute vs. Chronic conditions though:

  • Typically with Acute injuries, pain will diminish faster and require fewer treatments.

  • Chronic Pain may take a little longer and usually requires more treatments to achieve pain-free state.

  • How many sessions are required?

  • Specific appointment regimens for individuals will vary, talk to your Naturopathic Practitioner about your own situation, but in general terms:

  • Initially, patients will be seen 1-2x per week for 1-2 weeks, then weekly for 2-4 weeks, then monthly or as needed.

Who can benefit from Biopuncture?

  • Anyone who is suffering from either Chronic Pain or Acute trauma can benefit from Biopuncture. It is beneficial for those who haven’t achieved relief from conventional methods (physical treatments, NSAIDs, etc.) or patients who haven’t yet tried anything, and is a wonderful option for many who are looking to either put off or even avoid some surgeries.

  • Biopuncture isn’t just reserved for musculoskeletal pain though! A few examples of the conditions that may benefit from this therapy include:

  • Musculoskeletal Conditions: back and neck pain, sprains and strains, joint pain, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, arthritis, nerve pain, fibromyalgia.

  • Medical Concerns: asthma, seasonal allergies, digestive disturbance, migraine headache, PMS and menopause, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue.

  • Scar treatments: Biopuncture remedies may be combined with Procaine (an analgesic medication) to help soften scar tissue and keloids thus removing adhesions and allowing easier movement and functioning of the skin and underlying fascial tissues.

  • Toxicity and Lymphatic congestion: Certain remedies are known for augmenting the flow of lymph and facilitating liver and kidney detoxification.

As an alternate therapy for a multitude of pain conditions, Biopuncture is a therapy that deserves investigation by anyone suffering. It is a very safe and effective treatment, with minimal side effects (mainly mild stinging at the site of injection). Especially compared to the majority of commonly prescribed conventional pharmaceuticals, which are known to be related to gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and kidney problems in addition to weakening the immune system and other complications.

Biopuncture is a therapy utilized by specifically trained Naturopathic Physicians and some other medical professionals.

Dr. Katarine Holewa, ND has achieved advanced training in this modality, and utilizes it in her practice. If you are curious about Biopuncture or would like to try this therapy, please do not hesitate to contact her.

In Health,

Dr. Katarine Holewa, ND

Ps: If you are a follower of Dr. Oz, there is even an article about Biopuncture on his website. Read it at


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